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We are a community of 250+ makers, creators, founders, and learners who track our mental and physical health, encourage each other to improve habits, and share ideas to live happier and healthier lives.


We use Telegram for communication. The app is a bot that helps you track sleep, anxiety, happiness, exercises, meditation sessions, and more! Get your stats delivered to you weekly.

We are a community of people who track mental and physical health, encourage each other to improve, and share ideas to live happier and healthier lives.

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It's like group therapy

When members are dealing with difficult things, we encourage them to express themselves, either in the main group chat, or with someone individually. If we see someone logging high anxiety or low happiness levels, many members will reach out to provide support.


Engage, collaborate and discuss mindfulness, philosophy, life and just about everything in a real-time chat. Always have a community of makers, creators, artists and founders that can help keep you motivated and hold you accountable to better habits.

Book Club

Read a book per month with other community members. Read, analyze, discuss.


Language Clubs

"Mindful Makers is a broad topic group for people trying to find their way in life."


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What people are saying

"I like this group. I feel a lot happier now."

"I'm really loving this group so far. Thanks guys. Makes me realize I am not alone on my quest for a happy and productive life."

"Love the conversations. Cool group! Super rad to find a group committed to mindfulness and getting into some higher levels of thinking." 

"The group indirectly motivated me from time to time on the bad days. Thanks guys."

"There's a ton of value here—especially regarding the shared values, diverse backgrounds, lack of fronting/egos, and honesty within the group."

"Mindful Makers is fixing all areas of our lives."

"Loving the conversations here. I open my phone and there is always some engaging and thought-provoking topic from real, relatable people."

"MM gives more than optimization. Here you can take and share a holistic approach about a mindful life. You can leave it and always come back."

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